The decision to consult a psychotherapist is most commonly caused by different fears and phobias. Fear is often experienced in hard life situations or as a result of psychological traumas.

Life dramatically changes as fears become a part of it. A person begins to expect a fear-causing situation. That is, fear gets combined with obsessive expectation of a negative situation. Can the normal life be brought back in such cases?

Patients indulge in self-treatment activities by starting to buy sedatives and, for some reason, antidepressants. No such treatment would bring favorable results. No wonder, those medicines are intended for treatment of quite different diseases.

Then comes the turn of folk healers – soothsayers, medicine women, “extrasensory” individuals. They do their careful work of egg rolling, chakra cleaning, aura correcting, etc. Still, there is no positive result.

Meanwhile, to solve the problem, it would suffice to get consulted by a skilled psychotherapist. Several sessions of psychotherapy would change your life for better, which will become once again colorful and enjoyable.