Igor N. Karban

Obstetrician-gynecologist, US diagnostician

2010 :  Graduation from Kharkov National Medical University in specialty “Obstetrics & Gynecology”

2010 – 2013 : Municipal Polyclinic, town of Sudak; position – obstetrician-gynecologist

2013 – 2014 : “YUNA” Medical Plastic and Endoscopic Surgery Center, Donetsk. Professional services: plastics of genital organs, endoscopic and gynecologic operations, US-scanning of all organs and systems

2014 – 2015 : “ARTMEDIKA” Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Clinic, Dnepropetrovsk. Professional services: plastics of genital organs, US-scanning of all organs and systems, involving perinatology

Professional services in the following spheres:

  • preventive examination;
  • diagnostics and treatment of uterine neck pathologies (erosion, ectropion, leukoplakia, first- and second-degree dysplasia, polyp, condyloma- papilloma, etc.);
  • colposcopy analyses;
  • diagnostics and treatment of gynecologic pathologies and infections (clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, adenomyosis, cervicitis, colpitis, inflammation of appendages, etc.);
  • treatment of disorders in menstrual and reproductive functions;
  • treatment of climacteric disorders;
  • consulting in issues of family planning and advanced contraception methods;
  • US diagnostics, involving perinatology.

Health of a woman much depends on the general condition of her body whose slightest dysfunction may lead to disorders in the whole reproductive system. Occurring diseases may be of diverse nature and may manifest themselves at any age.

Individual approach, thorough examination and effective treatment methods are applied to each patient. Patients are provided with comprehensive consultations on any issues pertaining to gynecologic diseases.

All essential diagnostics, tooling and laboratory analyses are conducted within the shortest possible time.

Patients should be consulted by a gynecologist under the following conditions:

  • menstrual cycle delays of 5-10 days;
  • blood-tinged discharges from genital tracts outside menstrual periods;
  • painful sensations in lower stomach and loin zones;
  • profuse discharges from reproductive organs;
  • menstrual cycle disorders;
  • itching and burning sensations in reproductive organs;
  • discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse or physical load;
  • painful urination;
  • new growth on external genitals;
  • hemorrhage, miscarriages, and other pathologic conditions